DACA Renewals

If your Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) card expires within the next year we advise you to speak with our immigration attorneys to help you with the DACA renewal.

Am I eligible to renew my DACA?

If you meet the following requirements than you are eligible to renew your DACA.

  • You haven’t left the country without an advanced parole since August 15, 2012
  • Continuously lived in the United States since the issuance of your last DACA request
  • Have not been charged with a crime (ex. Misdemeanor or felony)

When should I renew my DACA?

A DACA card expires 2 years after its issuance.  You should apply for the renewal of your DACA card prior to its expiration.  If your card expires within the next year we advise you to contact our office today to help you with your DACA renewal application.


What documents do I need to renew my DACA?

You will need the following documents:

⃝        2 color passport photos

⃝        $495 Application fee

⃝         Photocopies of both sides of your work permit


Contact our Los Angeles Citizenship and Naturalization Lawyers

If you make even one mistake on your DACA renewal paperwork USCIS can reject your application. To learn how our Los Angeles Immigration lawyers can assist you with the DACA renewal process do not hesitate to contact our office online or by calling (818) 714-2200.

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